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Researchers: Gretta Pecl (Future Fellowship ) ,  Pecl, Gretta (Future Fellowship ) ,  Pecl, Gretta (Future Fellowship ) ,  Pecl, Gretta (Future Fellowship ) ,  Pecl, Gretta, Dr (Future Fellowship )
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Brief description Poleward bound: mechanisms and consequences of climate-driven species redistribution in marine ecosystems. Global redistribution of Earth's species is widely recognised as a fingerprint of climate change. However, the physiological and ecological processes that underpin such shifts in the distribution of marine species are poorly understood. Even less is known about why species respond at different rates, and how such widespread changes will impact the structure and function of Australia's marine ecosystems. This research will address critical knowledge gaps of why and how species respond in vastly different ways to environmental change. Research outcomes will improve the capacity to predict responses of marine species and ecosystems to climate change and provide advice relevant to strategic management of valuable natural resources.

Funding Amount $763,857

Funding Scheme ARC Future Fellowships

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