ARC Future Fellowships - Grant ID: FT130100778 [ 2014-06-30 - 2018-12-31 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Xiaolin Wang (Future Fellowship )

Brief description Electronic topological materials. Discovery of new classes of materials with new functionalities or significantly improved performance has always been the driving force for the advance of modern science and technology, and the improvement of our daily lives. This project aims to discover a number of innovative materials, based on new strategies of materials design, discover their novel functionalities and novel quantum effects, and elucidate their underlying physics. It is expected that these novel materials will provide a new platform for superconductivity, magnetism, spintronics, optical and multi-disciplinary sciences, and lead to future generations of advanced multifunctional electronic devices.

Funding Amount $987,144

Funding Scheme ARC Future Fellowships

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