ARC Centres of Excellences - Grant ID: CE170100012 [ 2017 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Michelle Simmons; Prof Lloyd Hollenberg; Prof Timothy Ralph; Prof Geoffrey Pryde; Prof Ping Koy Lam; Prof Andrew Dzurak; Prof Howard Wiseman; Prof Sven Rogge; Prof Elanor Huntington; Dr Mirko Lobino; Dr Benjamin Buchler; Prof Andrea Morello; Prof David Jamieson; Prof Matthew James; Dr Hidehiro Yonezawa; A/Prof Michael Bremner; Dr Nicolas Menicucci; Dr Alberto Peruzzo; Prof David Reilly; A/Prof Matthew Sellars; Prof Alexandre Blais; Prof Norbert Lutkenhaus; Prof Richard Jozsa; Dr Kilian Singer; Asst Prof Aram Harrow; Prof Dr Olivier Pfister; Prof Nicolas Treps; Dr John Randall; Prof Akira Furusawa; A/Prof Edo Waks; Prof Simon Benjamin; Prof Dr Gerd Leuchs; Dr Vikram Sharma; Dr Anthony Laing; Dr Sae Woo Nam; Prof Dr Christine Silberhorn; Dr Jevon Longdell; A/Prof Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler; Prof Wolfgang Tittel; Prof Kae Nemoto; Prof Artur Ekert; Dr Iuliana Radu; Dr Eleanor Rieffel; Prof Mark Eriksson; Prof Dr Gerhard Klimeck; Dr Jay Gambetta; A/Prof Jens Eisert

Brief description This Centre aims to implement quantum processors able to run error corrected algorithms and transfer information across networks with absolute security. Australian researchers have established global leadership in quantum information, an innovative technology which could transform all industries dependent on computational power. This Centre has developed technologies for manipulating matter and light at the level of individual atoms and photons, with the highest fidelity, longest coherence time qubits in the solid state, the world’s longest-lived quantum memory, and the ability to run small-scale algorithms on photonic qubits. The new technology is expected to provide a strategic advantage in a world where information and information security are of paramount importance.

Funding Amount $33,700,000

Funding Scheme ARC Centres of Excellences

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