ARC Centres of Excellences - Grant ID: CE170100009 [ 2017 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Andrew White; Prof Andrew Doherty; Prof Stephen Bartlett; A/Prof Michael Biercuk; Prof Warwick Bowen; A/Prof Gavin Brennen; Prof Matthew Davis; Dr Arkady Fedorov; A/Prof Steven Flammia; Dr John McFerran; Prof Gerard Milburn; Prof David Reilly; Prof Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop; Prof Daniel Shaddock; A/Prof Thomas Stace; Prof Michael Tobar; Prof Jason Twamley; Dr Thomas Volz; Prof Dr Markus Aspelmeyer; Dr Alexia Auffèves; A/Prof Alessandro Fedrizzi; Dr Fedor Jelezko; Asst Prof Holger Mueller; Prof Dr Wolfram Pernice; Prof Oriol Romero-Isart; Prof Dr Jörg Schmiedmayer; A/Prof Pascale SENELLART; Dr Robyn Starr; Prof Lorenza Viola; Prof Dr Andreas Wallraff; Prof Dr Peter Wolf; Dr Michael Wouters; Prof Peter Zoller; Prof Ian Walmsley

Brief description This Centre aims to build sophisticated quantum machines to harness the quantum world for the future health, economy, environment and security of Australian society. It intends to pioneer the designer quantum materials, engines and imaging systems at the heart of these machines. It also solves the most challenging research problems at the interface of basic quantum physics and engineering. The Centre will work with industry partners to translate these research discoveries into practical applications and devices. It will train scientists in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, which is expected to affect Australia’s high-tech economy.

Funding Amount $31,900,000

Funding Scheme ARC Centres of Excellences

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