ARC Centre of Excellence - Australian Centre for Electromaterials Science [ 2005 - 2013 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof GG Wallace; Prof DL Officer; Prof DR MacFarlane; Prof GM Clark; Prof M Forsyth; Prof LA Kane-Maguire; Dr PC Innis; Prof GM Spinks; Prof HR Brown; Dr CO Too; A/Prof WE Price; Prof HK Liu; Dr L Spiccia; A/Prof SM Dodds; Dr PA Keller; Dr AI Minett; Dr Y

Brief description (ARC Centre of Excellence - Australian Centre for Electromaterials Science) The Centre will tackle some of the biggest challenges facing society: those of renewable energy, sustainable industries and enhancing human health. Improvements in all these areas are possible by developing electromaterials with improved efficiency in the generation and transfer of electrical charge. By developing new nano-materials and new theories to explain their behaviour, the Centre will make advances in the areas of human health through the regeneration of damaged nerves (eg. in spinal injury) and development of artificial muscles; in renewable energy (plastic solar cells, lightweight batteries and electronic textiles) and in sustainable industries (recovery of precious metals and new corrosion protection technologies).

Funding Amount $19,700,000

Funding Scheme ARC Centres of Excellences

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