The application of inverse methods for resolving velocity, density and mixing fields in lakes and estuaries. [ 2006 - 2007 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof J Imberger; Prof G D'Antona

Brief description The two techniques to be developed and tested here will allow the measurement of the 3D density and velocity fields in lakes and estuaries using only simple instruments and with minimum lake obstruction. Coupled with a Real Time Management System, these techniques can be used to validate numerical models and to simulate scenarios, such as future flood events, which have the potential for contamination of water quality. The output from these simulations is then used, again in real time, to evaluate the new Index of Sustainable Functionality of the water body. When augmented with the results from this research we would have a tool that would help manage lakes and reservoirs to optimize the water quality, while maintaining the supply.

Funding Amount $165,265

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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