Antecedents of Renal Disease in Aboriginal Children and Young Adults - 16 year follow-up [ 2013 - 2018 ]

Also known as: ARDAC Third Phase Study

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Jonathan Craig (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Elisabeth Hodson Prof David Lyle Prof Della Yarnold

Brief description Aboriginal Australians are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease at approximately 10 times the rate of non-Aboriginal Australians. Since 2002, the ARDAC Study has examined the early markers of kidney and heart disease in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children and adolescents. The study aims to determine if the increased risk of chronic kidney and heart disease seen in Aboriginal adults begins during adolescence and young adulthood as an increased prevalence of chronic disease risk factors.

Funding Amount $AUD 1,909,609.58

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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