Analysis of Victorian Communities Who Do Not Currently Use Parks [ 2008 - 2009 ]

Provided by   Monash University

Research Project

Researchers: Dr Glen Croy (Associated with)

Full description Glen Croy (Monash University) and Petra Glover collated and thematically analysed data in the form of interview transcripts from second generation Australians (born in Australia to migrant parents) identified as belonging to cultural groups whose second language is English. The data seeks to categorise the barriers or constraints to use of urban parks and identify reasons why the use of urban parks is limited in these cultural groups. Representatives from Melbourne's five major cultural groups (Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian and Vietnamese) participated in the initial group interviews to provide cultural context for understanding leisure practices and attitudes to park use, and barriers preventing or limiting park use, including intrapersonal, interpersonal and structural barriers. 13 individual structured interviews were then conducted using a snowball sampling technique. The data also recorded the interviewees' opinions on how to increase incentives for cultural groups to visit urban parks. A report was produced for the CRC Sustainable Tourism and Parks Victoria to inform future planning for local and state government bodies who manage Victoria's urban parks. Further data may be collected by Parks Victoria as part of similar extended project using the same interview instrument.

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