An MEG (brain imaging) system to study cognitive processing in children [ 2006-07-01 - 2009-06-30 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Max Coltheart (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Stephen Crain (Chief Investigator) ,  Dr Rosalind Thornton (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Hisashi Kado (Partner Investigator)

Brief description An MEG (brain imaging) system to study cognitive processing in children. This project introduces the world's first brain imaging system to study cognitive processing in children, using magnetoencephalography (MEG). MEG offers precise measurement of brain activities using a non-invasive, non-contact method. MEG is an ideal brain imaging device for use with children and with special clinical populations. It promises to be valuable (a) for the identification of cortical functions of the human brain prior to surgery, (b) for the diagnosis of loci for developmental and acquired brain disorders, (c) in determining pharmaceutical effects on children, and (d) in the assessment of recovery of sensory and cognitive functions following brain injury.

Funding Amount $220,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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