An examination of the relationship between alcohol-related injury (ARI) and licensed premises [ 2001 - 2001 ]

Also known as: Alcohol-related injury (ARI) stemming from licensed premises

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Ann Roche (Principal investigator)

Brief description There is growing interest in acute alcohol-related problems, and especially injuries. These are often experienced by young people, frequently as a consequence of intoxication or drinking in unsafe settings. Little work has been undertaken in Australia to systematically examined alcohol-related injuries (ARIs). This study will examine ARIs, identify the frequency with which such problems present to a local hospital, record the nature of the injuries, details of the person sustaining it, and the drinking location. Characteristics of drinking locations and drinking settings, in particular licensed premises, will be examined to determine their association with ARIs. Then an intervention will be undertaken in conjunction with local police, to address the conditions of the drinking environment with the aim of reducing ARIs and other alcohol-related problems stemming from licensed premises. The intervention will form part of a randomised controlled trial where licensed premises, identified through monthly police data as hot spots, receive either an intervention or act as a control. In the following month, controls receive the intervention (a cross-over design). The intervention was established in 1998 by Gold Coast police and involves police, fire and liquor licensing officers undertaking an on-site inspection and taking prescribed actions. It is hypothesised that this action should result in a decreased level of ARIs being generated from premises which receive the intervention, compared to those that do not. This is an intersectoral, collaborative project aimed at improving community safety through a concerted effort by police, health and the licensees.

Funding Amount $AUD 78,686.62

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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