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Researchers: Andrew Fluck (Chief Investigator) ,  Dr Margaret Robertson (Chief Investigator) ,  Mr Marcus Ragus (Partner Investigator)

Brief description 'Always on' Learning Communities: M-Learning landscapes transforming school cultures. Australia is going online: Internet access in Australian business is close to 100 percent and is almost 60 percent in households (ABS 2005). Ownership of mobile devices is growing at 10 percent each year and by the end of 2007 it is predicted by Telstra that close to 90 percent of the Australian population will own a mobile device. There has been a government commitment of $73 million for the development of online curriculum content in Australia and New Zealand. However, there has been limited research to inform the use of such content in classrooms and no reference to the possibilities of using mobile devices. Sustainable futures rely on the relevant preparation of our young people to succeed in the knowledge society.

Funding Amount $298,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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