Airway epithelial IAPs and their interaction with Zn ions [ 2008 - 2011 ]

Also known as: Airway epithelial IAPs and zinc

Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr Peter Zalewski (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Chiara Murgia E/Pr Richard Ruffin

Brief description The air we breathe contains a variety of harmful substances. Damage to the lining involves death of the ciliated cells that line the airways. We have shown that zinc protects these cells from premature death. This application focuses on a family of proteins called IAPs which bind zinc and regulate cell death in other tissues. This project focusses on how the IAPs and Zn may act together to mainitain healthy airways and how abnormalities of these may occur in people with asthma.

Funding Amount $AUD 260,779.50

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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