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The Department of State Development was formally created following the New South Wales General Election on 25 March 1995. (1) The Office of Economic Development was removed from the Premier’s Department and added to the Department of State Development. (2) These arrangements were approved by the Governor with the advice of the Executive Council under section 49 of the Constitution Act 1902 and took effect from 6 April 1995.

Three Industry Groups were established within the Department to attract new major overseas investments for industry and infrastructure such as the Film Studio Complex at the Showground, and the Walsh Bay Redevelopment. Industry Group staff arranged the Premier’s Business Briefing for 300 Companies and provided secretariat services for the Olympics Business Roundtable. Through its International Group the Department worked on the overseas promotion of New South Wales as an investment location. At the national level the State was promoted to national corporations through the New South Wales Trade and Investment Section.

On 15 December 1995 the Department of State Development was amalgamated with the Department of Business and Regional Department and a new Department of State and Regional Development was formed. The Department of State Development was abolished. (3)

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