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The Department of State Development was established on 25 March 1988. (1) The Department of Industrial Development and Decentralisation was abolished on 30 March 1988 and its functions were taken over by the newly established Department of State Development. (2) Three branches of the Premier’s Department - the Defence Industry Office, the Office of State Development, and Quality Assurance Unit - were transferred to this new department on 15 April 1988. (3) Two months later, on 13 May 1988, all the branches and functions of the former Department of Industrial Development and Decentralisation transferred to the Department of State Development were removed to the newly established Business and Consumer Affairs department. Also all those branches of the Department of State Development which were formerly branches of the Premier's Department and those which had been added on 15 April 1988 were added to Business and Consumer Affairs. (4) The Department attempted to develop an industry policy based on sectoral management. Each separate industry policy was developed by a task force including representatives from relevant government agencies, industries, unions and the Department of State Development. The Department performed a coordinating role in this process presenting a final plan to Cabinet for governmental action. Sixteen task forces were formed with the majority of chairpersons being prominent business figures. By June 1992 the Industry led task forces seem to have lapsed as they were no longer mentioned in Department’s reports. Corresponding with this was a shift away from large business development projects to assistance for particular firms and the fostering of investment projects. Late in 1992 the Small Business Service, within the Department was reformed as the Office of Small Business. On 25 May 1993 a new portfolio of Small Business was created and the Office of Small Business was relocated in the newly formed Department of Business and Regional Development which commenced operations on 1 July 1993. (5) The Department ceased to exist as a separate entity and its role was absorbed by the Premiers Department. The investment project section was renamed the Office of Economic Development (within the Premiers Department) and the remaining staff were placed in the Office of Public Management. FOOTNOTES
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