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The Aborigines Welfare Board (1940-1969) was replaced by the Aborigines Welfare Directorate within the Department of Child Welfare (later the Department of Community Services) . Through the Directorate all child and social welfare services were to be made available to Aboriginal children in addition to services intended to promote the advancement of equal opportunity for Aboriginal citizens.(4) Under the legislation, the new agency was designed to allocate responsibility for services to Aboriginal people to several Government departments rather than deliver all the services directly.(5) The Directorate was responsible for policy planning, providing advice and allocating funds to the appropriate agencies, such as the NSW Health and Housing Commissions and the departments of Education and Technical and Further Education. The Branch also worked with the Commonwealth agencies of Aboriginal Affairs, Education, Labour and Immigration.(6) The Directorate was transferred to the administration of the Commonwealth Government from 1 July 1975, with some staff moved to the New South Wales regional office of the Commonwealth Department of Aboriginal Affairs. A smaller agency, the Aboriginal Services Branch was established to maintain those functions not transferred to the Commonwealth.(7) FOOTNOTES:
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