AGY-4964 | Water Committee [Sydney City Council]

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This Committee was responsible for the supply of water to the City and suburbs, setting of water rates and exemptions, licensing of plumbers, making and publishing of by-laws relating to water supply, and the erection of fountains. It also maintained Council's fire engines.

When the Council was replaced by City Commissioners from 1854 to 1856 there was no Committee structure, but when a new Council was elected in 1857, they re-established a committee structure. On 27 April 1857, they elected a Committee called the Water and Lighting Committee, but the Water Committee appears to have operated separately.

The last report of this Committee to Council appears to have been on 21 February 1888. In May 1888 the Water Department of the City Engineer's Department was transferred to the Board of Water Supply and Sewerage.

[From City of Sydney Archives - Agency Registration No. 118]

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