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Approval for the establishment of the University Medals Sub-Committee (later the University Medals Committee) of Charles Sturt University (CSU) was given by the Academic Senate resolution AS 91/207. (1) As such, the Committee reported directly to the Academic Senate, the principal academic body of the University. The inaugural meeting of the University Medals Sub-Committee took place on 11 March 1991. (2) In 1994, the name of the Committee was modified to the University Medals Committee. (3) The terms of reference for the Committee included:
- to decide the recipients of the University medals each year from the nominations received from the Faculties and report its decision to the next meeting of the Academic Senate;
- to recommend to Academic Senate, policy and procedures relating to the award of University medals;
- to provide guidelines to the Faculties with respect to the nomination of candidates for University medals; and
- submit copies of the minutes of meetings of the Committee to the Academic Senate for information. (4)
In 2000, the membership of the University Medals Committee comprised of the Vice-Chancellor, the Presiding Officer of the Academic Senate, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and two members of the professoriate appointed by the Academic Senate. (5) Endnotes:
(1) Agenda papers of the CSU University Medals Sub-Committee, Meeting 1/92, 19 March 1992.
(2) Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the CSU University Medals Sub-Committee, Meeting 1/91, 11/03/1991, p. 1.
(3) Minutes of the CSU University Medals Committee, Meeting 2/94, 13 July 1994, p. 1.
(4) CSU Academic Manual, Section B3.6 – Committees of the Academic Senate, Issued 6 March 2000.
(5) Ibid.

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