AGY-2144 | Moulamein Court of Petty Sessions

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Moulamein Court of Petty Sessions within the Murrumbidgee District was created on 14 December 1847 under the provisions of s.17 of the Offenders Punishment and Justices Summary Jurisdiction Act of 1832 (3 Wil.IV No.3). (1)

The Moulamein Court of Petty Sessions was abolished on 31 December 1984 when the Local Courts Act 1982 abolished all Courts of Petty Sessions and replaced these with Local Courts. (2)

1. NSW Government Gazette No.109, 17 December 1847, p.1392.
2. Local Courts Act 1982 (Act No.164, 1982), s.9; NSW Government Gazette No.178, 21 December 1984, p.6296.



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