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The New South Wales Centenary of Federation Committee (NSWCOFC) was formed in 1997 to work on behalf of the New South Wales Government to produce celebrations, programs and educational initiatives to commemorate (1) one hundred years since the colonies joined to form the Commonwealth of Australia. (2)

The fundamental principles of the committee were:
(a) to provide genuine and extensive opportunities for the involvement of all the people of NSW, and in particular, for regional communities.
(b) to provide meaningful opportunities for the young people who will lead our nation into the new millennium, to learn and participate.
(c) to provide opportunities for Indigenous people to participate and to contribute to the civic dialogue and debate that will accompany the Centenary of Federation commemorations.
(d) to provide opportunities for ethnic communities to be involved in events and celebrations which reflect our nation's cohesion and diversity.
(e) to give proper and appropriate recognition to the role played by the NSW towns of Tenterfield, Corowa and the City of Bathurst in the achievement of Federation.
(f) to develop cooperative and lasting partnerships between the public, private and community sectors in NSW. (3)

The Premier of New South Wales was the President of the Committee, with the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney as the Vice President. (4) These were honorary positions and co-existed with a Chairman and Deputy Chairman heading a committee. The task of developing and managing programs, events, and activities was the responsibility of six advisory committees which were: Education, History and Civics; Marketing and Communications; Finance and Sponsorship; Parade; Ceremonies; and Community Relations. (5)

NSW Centenary of Federation Committee produced celebrations, programs and educational initiatives to commemorate the centenary of Federation. Events included: Federation day (1 January 2001) Journey of a Nation Federation Parade of 6,500 people that was watched by approximately half a million people. It had also established a network of Centenary of Federation Committees in over 150 local government areas to organise local events and programs and coordinate participation in nationwide celebrations. (6)

The NSW Centenary of Federation Committee ceased to exist once the Centenary year 2000 had passed.

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