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On 29 January 1993 premises at Gladesville Hospital and Macquarie Hospital were revoked as hospitals, and were amalgamated to form the Gladesville Macquarie Hospital. (1) Administrative amalgamation had commenced in 1992.

Gladesville Macquarie Hospital initially operated on both the Gladesville and Macquarie Hospital sites, but with a devolution of services planned for the Gladesville site. (2) The Hospital operated under the provisions of the Mental Health Act 1990 (Act No 9,1990), and provided inpatient services, out-patient rehabilitation services, and supervision to several supported accommodation facilities in the Northern Sydney region. (3)

By June 1997 the consolidation of all inpatient services onto the Macquarie site at North Ryde had been completed, with the principal role of the Hospital identified as the provision of intensive psychiatric rehabilitation programs for patients requiring extended hospital care. An acute admission service was also provided for residents of the Ryde - Hunters Hill area. (4)

Due to confusion caused by the inclusion of Gladesville in the Hospital's name, on 22 October 1999 notification was published that the Hospital was to be known as Macquarie Hospital. (5)

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