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The Social Policy Directorate was established within the portfolio responsibilities of the Minister for Community Services, on 23 September 1992 by proclamation under Section 49 of the Constitution Act 1902 (1).

The Social Policy Directorate was established to provide a focus within government for social policy issues. Its main functions were:

1. Development of social policies, government programs and services;
2. Advice to government and its agencies in meeting the diverse needs of the community;
3. Community consultation in relation to social policy issues;
4. Fostering of community awareness in relation to social attitudes, issues and trends through information services and community events;
5. Funding and delivery of services according to user needs.

The Directorate embraced three units, Office on Ageing, Office on Disability and Office on Social Policy. The Executive Director headed the senior executive staff and reported directly to the Minister for Community Services (2).

The agency was abolished in April 1995 with the establishment of the Ageing and Disability Department, which was comprised of the Office on Ageing and the Office on Disability of the Social Policy Directorate, together with the Ageing and Disability Services Directorate of the Department of Community Services (3).

(1) New South Wales Government Gazette No.119, 25 September1992, Sydney, Government Printer, p.6994.
(2) Social Policy Directorate Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 1993, p.15.
(3) Ageing and Disability Department Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 1995, p.2.

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