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Collie Court of Petty Sessions, within the Dubbo Police District, was created on 6 September 1901 under the provisions of s.459 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1883 (46 Vic. No.17). (1)

The Collie Court of Petty Sessions was abolished on 1 July 1938 under the provisions of the Justices Act, 1902 (Act No.27, 1902). Its records were removed to the Dubbo Court of Petty Sessions, under the provisions of s.4A(2) of the Small Debts Recovery (Amendment) Act, 1922 (Act No.4, 1922). (2)

1. NSW Government Gazette No.784, 20 September 1901, p.7249.
2. NSW Government Gazette No.92, 17 June 1938, p.2394.

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