Ageing Well Research Network [ 2004-02-04 - 2004-06-04 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: A/Prof David De Vaus (Partner Investigator) ,  A/Prof Jill Wilson (Partner Investigator) ,  A/Prof Susan Quine (Partner Investigator) ,  Branko Celler (Partner Investigator) ,  Colette Browning (Partner Investigator)
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Brief description Ageing Well Research Network. Ageing is one of the most significant changes facing Australia. It is essential that Australia plans to achieve the opportunities as well as meet the challenges of ageing. The ARC Ageing Well Research Network will concentrate on the National Research Priority area 'Ageing Well, Ageing Productively'. It will generate innovative, multi-disciplinary approaches necessary to understand ageing people, relations between age groups, and the economic, social, and policy contexts that shape ageing experiences. It will bring together researchers and end-point users - including governments, consumers, employers, and service providers - informing research agendas as well as translating and applying findings to national goals.

Funding Amount $30,000

Funding Scheme Special Research Initiatives

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