Advanced nanoscale materials engineered from diatomaceous earth

Research Project

Researchers: Prof Jonas Addai-Mensah (Is principal investigator of , Principal investigator) ,  Prof Dusan Losic (Is principal investigator of , Principal investigator) ,  A/Prof Ian Neering (Is principal investigator of , Principal investigator)

Full description Nature, through evolution has elegantly solved problem of fabrication of complex 3-D structures with well-defined nanoscale features. Diatoms, single cell algae are most extraordinary example of these structures. This research is based on the idea to bring the advantages of these natural materials into new synthetic materials with advanced properties. This project is dedicated to the exploration and development of new nanoscale materials based on diatom silica retrieved from natural diatomaceous earth (DE) for the use in demanding applications such as separations, catalysis and drug delivery. These research outcomes will enhance Australia?s capacity in frontier technology and advanced materials.

Data time period: 2009 to 31 12 2011

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