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Adam Possamai is�Professor in Sociology. He is the author of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach (Pearson, 2010 with James Henslin and Alphia Possamai-Inesedy), Sociology of Religion for Generations X and Y�(Equinox, 2009), Religion and Popular Culture: A Hyper-Real Testament (Peter Lang, 2007) and In Search of New Age Spiritualities (Ashgate, 2005). He is the editor of The Handbook of Hyper-Real Religion�(Brill, 2012) and, with Jack Barbalet and Bryan Turner, of Religion and the State: A Comparative Sociology�(Anthem Press, 2011). He is a former President of Research Committee 22 on the Sociology of Religion from the International Sociological Association, and�of the Australian Association for the Study of Religions. He was the 2002�2007 co-editor of theAustralian Religion Studies Review. He has been Associate Head of School in the School of Social Sciences, Western Sydney University, specialising in research, and he is currently Director of the Religion and Society Research Centre. His work has been published in English, French, Spanish, Romanian and Slovakian.
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