1212.3 Goyder E.2.3 SE RWB T2 Marine Dis

Researchers: Sebastien Lamontagne (Associated with)

Brief description Developed under the Goyder Institute for Water Research, this project is the first component of a longer term research program developed to address the critical knowledge needs for successful water management policy development in the Lower South East of South Australia. The program was designed to contribute to the development of a holistic, integrated regional water balance approach for the management of the Lower Limestone Coast Prescribed Wells Area. Part of the research is aimed at reducing uncertainty around the amount of water that can be extracted sustainably from the region as a whole to inform future water allocation planning. Because of the close link between groundwater and surface water resources in the region, surface water resources and ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to groundwater exploitation. This project was undertaken to: Provide a framework for the development of a regional water balance model. Undertake a preliminary assessment of the spatial variability\indicative fluxes of groundwater discharge to the marine environment. Assess the role of geological faults on regional groundwater flow and inter-aquifer leakage.

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