1+1- A Healthy Start to Life:Targeting the year before and the year after birth in Aboriginal children in remote areas [ 2007 - 2012 ]

Also known as: 1+1-A Healthy Start to Life

Research Grant

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Researchers: E/Pr Lesley Barclay (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Carolyn Mcgregor Dr Joanne Curry Ms Molly Wardaguga Prof Gweneth Norris
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Brief description Indigenous Australians in remote communities are less healthy and more socially disadvantaged than other Australians. This influences the quality of the intrauterine environment. Babies often suffer malnutrition and recurring infections during infancy which are exacerbated by their less than optimal birth status and contribute to chronic conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal failure) in adulthood. Existing health services are costly to Government and do not achieve their potential for promoting health and providing quality care. Evidence suggests redesigned models based on continuity of care, focused, proactive family support and workload reform will improve maternal and infant outcomes. New models need to be developed, costed, implemented and evaluated providing governments with the evidence base to initiate service improvement. Such models will have applicability elsewhere in Australia. Professor Lesley Barclay and her team of researchers from Charles Darwin University will conduct research into developing such a model. The project aims to improve the quality of care for remote dwelling Aboriginal women and infants in the year before, during and the year after birth by providing evidence for, and facilitating changes to, service delivery. This will enhance the potential for the development of resilience and well-being of their children. It will also test if service improvements can improve the health of women and reduce childhood disease and therefore reduce the impact of health conditions occurring in adulthood which have their origins in the early stages of life.

Funding Amount $AUD 587,272.38

Funding Scheme NHMRC Strategic Awards

Notes A Healthy Start to Life (for All Australians)

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