1006.4.3 SEQ Information Management

Researchers: Huijun Zhao (Associated with)

Brief description Part of the Urban Water Security Research Alliance, this project aimed to develop a fully functioning prototype event detection system for wastewater inflows to Advanced Water Treatment Plants. Such a system could provide a powerful tool for source control including the dumping of materials to the sewer system. It could also provide an early warning system for wastewater treatment plants. This could safeguard operations and improve risk management in wastewater processes. The project was informed by the following research questions: How can electronics and control hardware be designed and fabricated to transform the current event recording system into a real-time event detection system? How can the mathematical model underpinning the system be further optimised? How will the mathematical model be “married” with new electronic control hardware? How with the event detection system be validated in a real-world situation? How can an event detection network be developed? How applicable is the developed system to other barriers in the South East Queensland (SEQ) water cycle and grid?

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