1006.2 SEQ Lockyer Valley

Researchers: R Edwards (Associated with) ,  Mick Hartcher (Associated with) ,  Catherine Moore (Associated with) ,  David Rassam (Associated with)

Brief description Part of the Urban Water Security Research Alliance, this project aimed to provide a scientific basis for the sound delivery of recycled water to the Lockyer Valley. The research aimed to deliver methodologies to improve water delivery using aquifer storage, while recognising concerns over common pool access. Key research questions include: How can robust quantifications of sustainable yield considering evolving metering programs? What are the optimum patterns for importing recycled water into the Lockyer Valley? What is the impact of climate change on the Locker Valley water system? What is the anticipated response of soils, creek bed sediments and aquifers to the use of Purified Recycled Water in the Lockyer? To what extent can the Lockyer Valley aquifer serve as a buffer in the SEQ Water Grid?

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