Kindred: A pilot study of moderated online social therapy for carers of youth with borderline personality disorder

Australian Catholic University

Dataset description

Dataset encapsulates comprehensive usage and interaction data from the Kindred MOST program, a web-based intervention designed to support carers of young people with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Kindred integrates three main components: (1) online psychoeducation and interactive therapy structured into 9 thematic pathways and 45 steps, focusing on various aspects like understanding BPD, self-care, and enhancing communication skills; (2) a moderated social networking platform termed "cafe," where users can engage with peers and experts; and (3) peer moderation to facilitate user interactions and provide support. Each user's interaction with these components—ranging from educational engagement to social networking activities—is meticulously tracked and structured in this dataset.
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Prof John Gleeson

Brief Summary

This study is a single group, pre- and post-follow-up pilot trial that aims to evaluate the acceptability and safety of an innovative moderated online social therapy (MOST) intervention called Kindred, designed to support carers of young people who are receiving treatment for borderline personality disorder (BPD) pathology within a specialist early intervention service for youth. Kindred comprises three highly integrated functions within one web-based application. These include: (1) online psych ....
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Key Inclusion Criteria

There are two types of participants in this trial: (i) youth with borderline personality disorder (BPD) pathology, i.e. youth with both sub-syndromal and syndromal BPD (referred to as 'clients') and their (ii) family and friends (referred to as carers). Carer participants will: (i) be relatives, legal guardians, or friends of a current Helping Young People Early (HYPE) client; (ii) be aged 18 years or older; (iii) be able to read and converse in English; and (iv) have a minimum of weekly contact ....
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Key Exclusion Criteria

Carer participants will be excluded if: (i) they are involved in current legal action against the identified client; (ii) the identified client is receiving treatment from another program at Orygen Youth Health (e.g., the Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Clinic); (iii) they don't have access to the internet or an appropriate computer/tablet device. There are no exclusion criteria pertaining to client participants.

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Sample Size    20

Min. age    18 Years

Max. age    No limit

Sex    Both males and females

Condition category    borderline personality disorder

Condition code    Mental Health


Intervention code Behaviour , Lifestyle , Treatment: Other

Kindred is a Moderated Online Social Therapy (MOST) program. Kindred comprises three highly integrated functions within one web-based application. These include: (1) online psychoeducation and interactive therapy (divided into 9 specific thematic pathways which are further separated into individual "steps"); (2) expert moderated social networking (via a "cafe"); and, (3) peer moderation. Each user can log on at their convenience, 24 hours per day and as many times as they wish. The online psycho ....
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Control group Uncontrolled

No control group


Outcome: Acceptability, as measured by: (i) the number of log ins to the Kindred intervention, with acceptability achieved if 50% of carer participants log on at an average rate of more than once per fortnight across each period of their registration in Kindred; (ii) Post-Study Usability Questionnaire (PSSUQ) administered to carers; and (iii) a semi-structured interview designed specifically for this study, informed by the User Experience approach, and conducted with carer par ....
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Outcome: Safety, as measured by: (i) a semi-structured interview designed specifically for this study, informed by the User Experience approach, and conducted with carer participants. Kindred will be considered safe if all participants report feeling adequately supported by the moderators at interview. (ii) number of carer participants excluded from the Kindred system during the course of the intervention due to inappropriate conduct. Kindred will be considered safe if two or ....
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Study Protocol: Study protocol
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What data in particular will be shared?

All of the individual trial-related participant data collected during the trial, after de-identification.

When will data be available?

Immediately following publication and for an indefinite time.

Available to whom?

Data will potentially be available to researchers from not-for profit organisations, commercial organisations or other based in any location. All data requests will be considered by the data custodian and the primary sponsor on a case-by-case basis. Requests must include a methodologically sound proposal. Specific conditions of use may apply and will be specified in a data sharing agreement (or similar) that the requester must agree to before access is granted. For further information, see Orygen data sharing policy.

Available for what types of analyses?

Any type of analyses. Assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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