Intensive prehabilitation for people living with chronic spinal cord injury: a feasibility trial

Griffith University

Dataset description

Information about feasibility, acceptability and safety will be reported at multiple timepoints (week 9, at end of on-site training at week 16, and at 2-weeks post-intervention)
Changes over the study period will be reported for all secondary outcome measures. Descriptive statistics will be presented at different timepoints (where available): 2-weeks pre-intervention, weeks 1, 9 and 16 of the on-site program, and 2 weeks post-intervention, using median, inter-quartile range, and range for continuous data. Frequencies and percentages will be presented for categorical data.
The change scores between baseline and each timepoint as well as percentage change scores (calculated as the difference between timepoints and divided by baseline value and multiplied by 100) will be calculated and reported using descriptive statistics. The change scores will also be dichotomised to evaluate how many participants increased, decreased, or stayed stable during the program for the associated measures.
Demographic information about the participants enrolled in the study including but not limited to age, gender, level of injury, will be reported using median, inter-quartile range and range for continuous data and frequency and percentage for categorical data.
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