Decision 2 Lawford 2023

The University of Melbourne

Dataset description

Demographic, baseline and follow-up data from the "Decision 2" trial. 556 participants aged over 45 years with activity-related knee joint pain. Participants were randomized to a control condition, where they received currently available osteoarthritis information with pathoanatomical content or an experimental condition, where they received the same osteoarthritis information but without pathoanatomical content. Primary outcomes were participants' beliefs about the need for x-ray to confirm diagnosis and joint replacement surgery in the future. All data presented in the results paper (J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2023;53(4):1-15) available in XLSX format.
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Related Study

Comparing effects of knee osteoarthritis educational information, with and without pathoanatomical content, on consumer osteoarthritis management beliefs: An online randomised controlled trial.

Brief Summary

We are conducting a trial to evaluate whether the removal of pathoanatomically-based biological information about knee osteoarthritis from a patient information pamphlet changes consumer management beliefs, compared to a standard information pamphlet that includes pathoanatomical information. The entire trial will be administered in one single online survey. Participants will initially complete screening questions within the survey to determine eligibility. Eligible participants will then complete baseline outcome measures before being randomly allocated to one of two groups, both of whom will then be asked to immediately read a digital information pamphlet about knee osteoarthritis on screen: i) Control group: the pamphlet will contain information about osteoarthritis including biological pathoanatomical information and language about osteoarthritis ii) Experimental group: the same pamphlet as the Control group, but with all pathoanatomical information and language relating to the structure of an osteoarthritis joint removed. All participants will complete outcome measures again, immediately after reading their allocated digital information pamphlet.


Condition Codes

Intervention Code

Inclusion Criteria

  • Participants will be eligible for the study if they meet the following inclusion criteria: i) Aged 45 years or over; ii) Have, or have not, experienced any activity-related knee joint pain in the past 3 months; iii) Currently living in Australia.

Study Type

  • Interventional

Ethics Approval

Study Protocol: Not Available
Data Dictionary: Not Available

Will individual participant data (IPD) for this trial be available?


What data in particular will be shared?

Data relating to primary and secondary outcomes

When will data be available?

Immediately following publication, no end date

Available to whom?

Individual researchers with reasonable request for the data

Available for what types of analyses?

Any purpose