Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (NCRIS and EIF Capability)

Also known as: TERN

Provided by   NCRIS

Brief description TERN is a network of ecosystem scientists and infrastructure for the collection, cataloguing, storage and sharing of long-term ecosystem research data sets for science and management applications.

Full description A nationally-consistent approach to collecting, managing and sharing time-series datasets is required to meet the needs of terrestrial ecosystem research and natural resource management in Australia. The NCRIS and EIF investments in TERN will establish a national, collaborative infrastructure to enable ecosystem science communities to store, search and analyse long-term data sets on atmospheric, terrestrial, aquatic and coastal environments. The purpose of TERN is to establish the necessary cooperative and data frameworks for a national, collaborative approach to ecosystem infrastructure and research. It will provide the necessary organisational arrangements, networks and methodologies for systematic, coordinated national data collection. TERN will comprise governance, data management and modelling facilities, a collection of ecosystem science data portals and principles for shared use to build on existing infrastructure investments and collaborations. TERN’s objectives are to: * provide a national institutional infrastructure network for terrestrial ecosystem research and management * coordinate national observational networks to provide valuable information about our terrestrial ecosystems and to encourage research collaboration and cooperation nationally * facilitate improved access, including by electronic means, for researchers to quality assured observational data so questions about our environment can be answered * identify future needs, by involving the terrestrial ecosystem research community, for research and strengthen the capability of the terrestrial ecosystem community across Australia so we are better able to respond to questions of national significance.

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