Shape Controlled Nanostructured Electrocatalyst for Clean Energy Generation [ 2010-09-30 - 2015-06-30 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Namita Choudhury (Chief Investigator) ,  Dr Naba Dutta (Chief Investigator) ,  Dr Christopher Elvin (Partner Investigator) ,  Dr Anita Hill (Partner Investigator) ,  Prof Steven Holdcroft (Partner Investigator)

Brief description Shape Controlled Nanostructured Electrocatalyst for Clean Energy Generation. The development of alternative clean energy technology is critical to reduce carbon emissions and global warming. This project will bring significant benefits to the Australian community and economy by addressing these needs by developing highly efficient supported-catalyst, the core issue related to the cost and efficiency of clean electrochemical energy conversion devices. An increase in the catalyst efficiency would translate to significant cost saving and will deliver the nation with a strong intellectual property (IP) position in this frontier area of technology. The fundamental understanding will also underpin the growth in other catalysis areas including sensors, environment pollution and efficient chemical production.

Funding Amount $430,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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