Sebastian Pfautsch

Western Sydney University
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Dr Sebastian Pfautsch is an Associate Professor in Urban Studies and the Research Theme Fellow for Environment and Sustainability at Western Sydney University. In these roles, Dr Pfautsch develops trans-disciplinary research around the complex issue of urban heat. While the core of his work is concerned with the physical functions and services delivered by urban green infrastructure, his applied projects deal with heat mitigation far beyond trees, scaling from playgrounds to schools, and streets to suburbs. He has worked extensively with private industry, local and state government organisations across Australia. He is an expert adviser for the Natural Resources Commission and sits on the Greening our City Panel of the New South Wales Government. He has helped to develop the new national standard AS2303:2018 for the Australian horticulture industry, has created the core framework for the forthcoming first Australian Standard for Urban Green Infrastructure, brought Australia’s longest green track to the new light rail line in Parramatta, and he delivered Australia’s prototype UV-smart, cool playground. His high-quality research output is documented in the form of more than 80 peer-reviewed research papers, technical reports, and journal articles that are cited internationally more than 2000 times. He communicates his work regularly in print, online and broadcast media and in 2020 alone his online media reach was 1.2 billion views.


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