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The School of Medicine at Western Sydney University engages in research into a variety of areas including preeclampsia, respiratory and sleep medicine, immunology and allergies, cancer pathology, sensory and cardiovascular neurosciences.

Researchers at the Centre for Health Research are researching climate change, obesity, eating disorders, and poor mental health, which are emerging as major challenges for the well-being of Australians. Health status, access to health care, and the outcomes of health care, are not equal for all members of our community. At the School of Medicine we have leading researchers from population and mental health investigating these issues from the community (with integrated epidemiologic analyses) to the 'bedside' (with clinical trials).

Several projects using data from the 45 and Up Study, Australia's largest study of healthy ageing, are under way. Methodological strengths include epidemiology, analysis of large, routinely collected health data sets, data linkage, cohort studies, health surveys, and the evaluation of clinical and community-based interventions.


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School of Medicine

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