First Principles Design of Second-Generation Protein Stains [ 2008 - 2010 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr D Moran; A/Prof PH Karuso

Brief description Proteomics is an emerging technology which has the potential to revolutionize modern biology and medicine. Extremely sensitive protein stains are a key proteomics technology, and in conjunction with gel electrophoresis, they facilitate the rapid and quantitative detection of all polypeptides in a cell. However, the tools of proteomics must rapidly advance (cheaper, greater sensitivity, more reliable, safer to handle) before the technology can mature to the stage where its full potential is realized. We will enable the evolution of proteomics by devising second generation fluorescent protein stains, using the environmentally-friendly natural product, epicocconone, as our design platform.

Funding Amount $93,894

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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