P427 - Timing and searching millisecond pulsars in globular clusters

Also known as: P427

Researchers: N D'Amico (Associated with)

Brief description Millisecond pulsars in globular clusters are magnificient tools for studying various properties of this kind of very dense and very old (more than 10 billions years) stellar systems. One of the aim of this project is to investigate if one of these globular clusters, called NGC 6752, may really host a central binary black hole. In fact, theoretical speculations indicate that such exotic black hole binary may be responsible for having propelled two of the five pulsars known in this cluster very far from the central region of the cluster itself. From the study of the pulsar hosted in another globular cluster, NGC6397, it will be possible to shed light on the late stage of formation of the so-called "recycled" pulsars, i.e. old neutron stars spun up by transfer of matter from a companion star. In fact, the companion to the pulsar PSR 1740-5340 in NGC6397 is still pouring matter in the binary, but the pulsar has already completed the spin-up process and hence is now capable to efficiently sweep the infalling matter away.

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