NCRIS Capability - Networked Biosecurity Framework

Also known as: NBF

Provided by   NCRIS

Full description New diseases and strains of pathogens with the potential to harm humans and livestock or crops are continually emerging, both nationally and internationally. Bioterrorism is also a recognised threat. This makes it a priority to maintain a strong capacity to anticipate, diagnose and respond to the threats imposed by infectious diseases.Biosecurity Co-ordination is a challenge. The almost 60 agencies and institutions involved in biosecurity research (across nine jurisdictions) need to be able to collaborate and coordinate rapidly as and when the need arises. Under the capability Networked Biosecurity Framework, the Australian Government has provided $8.5 million for the construction of the AAHL Collaborative Biosecurity Research Facility for pathogen containment at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) run by CSIRO in Victoria. The funding will provide for the development of up to 2000 square metres of high biocontainment laboratory space for use by researchers within both human and animal sectors. Access to this world-class facility is open to external researchers.

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