Industrial Transformation Training Centres - Grant ID: IC150100041 [ 2015 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Kingsley Dixon; A/Prof Grant Wardell-Johnson; Prof Erik Veneklaas; Dr Shane Turner; Prof Siegfried Krauss; Dr David Merritt; Dr Jason Stevens; Dr Tein McDonald ; Mr Stephen White; Mr Wayne Ennor; Mr James Hesford; Dr Robert Howard; Mr Vernon Newton; Mr Rhys Houlihan

Brief description This training centre aims to deliver integrated research projects and industry-ready professionals focused on the needs of the mining restoration industry. It aims to improve the capacity of the industry to deliver improved financial, social and environmental outcomes. Restoration sits at the heart of Australia’s ability to sustainably and responsibly exploit its vast mineral wealth, and regulatory approval for mining is dependent on effective restoration. However, the lack of cost-effective restoration solutions at the scale required is currently a major impediment for regulatory and social compliance. The centre aims to overcome this impediment by establishing industry-integrated research training positions that specifically address industry requirements for restoration.

Funding Amount $4,961,622

Funding Scheme Industrial Transformation Training Centres

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