Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE)

Western Sydney University
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At Western Sydney University the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment's diverse portfolio of research brings excellence to decision-making in natural and managed land-based ecosystems.

The Institute’s team of over 50 scientists conducts innovative, world-class research the full spectrum of life from genetic level to ecosystem level to answer the most pressing scientific issues such as:

  • What will rising CO2 levels mean for forestry, soils and our agricultural industries?
  • How closely do CO2 prediction models match real-world changes in plant and ecosystem function?
  • What practical measures can we readily implement to capitalise on rapid CO2 increases?

The Institute’s integrated research portfolio is aligned around three broad themes:

  • Soil Biology and Genomics
  • Plants, Animals and Interactions
  • Ecosystem Function and Integration

The Institute’s highly-integrated research themes lead to worldwide collaborations and partnerships with industry and research organisations to jointly tackle the largest environmental and scientific challenges of our time.

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