Hawkesbury Forest Experiment - Impacts of precipitation and CO2 on trees

Provided by   Western Sydney University

Research Project

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The Whole Tree Chambers (WTC) facility was installed in 2006 and is located at the Hawkesbury Forest Experiment at Western Sydney University, on Southee Road, Richmond. They have utilised twelve (12) whole-tree chambers that house trees up to 10 m tall and can accurately measure whole tree CO2 uptake and water loss. Each individual chamber has the ability to control CO2 concentration, air temperature and vapour pressure deficit (VPD). It used E.Globulus and had temps +3 degree and 240ppm CO2. The project uses the tree chambers and a commercial plantation to generate critical new information that is currently unavailable about the interactive effects of elevated CO2 and increasing temperatures on processes underpinning growth and water use of eucalypts. The data will then be used to develop and refine process-based models that can be used by the forestry industry for management of plantations under future climates. Funding bodies of the project include Australian Greenhouse Office, Commonwealth Department of Climate Change, NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change, Australian Research Council, and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences who provided the whole-tree chambers.

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