Future Fellowships - Grant ID: FT140100195 [ 2014 - 2018 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Jonathan Adams

Brief description This Fellowship provides the first in-depth coordinated critical public health examination of an unregulated and 'covert' area of health and treatment seeking behaviour - complementary self-medication (CAM SM) use in later life. Focusing upon healthy ageing and living with chronic illness and drawing upon fieldwork with indigenous, non-indigenous and CALD communities the Fellowship will: identify the challenges and possibilities of 'covert' CAM SM use in later life; provide an evidence-base to inform safe, effective care and policy for older Australians; and generate novel analyses to provide significant advance and new direction for public health scholarship with regards to chronic illness and community health in later life.

Funding Amount $952,642

Funding Scheme Future Fellowships

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