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The Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment,EucFACE, is located within the Cumberland Plain Supersite at Western Sydney University's Hawkesbury campus in Richmond, New South Wales. The Australian SuperSite Network (SuperSites) is part of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), an Australian Government initiative to collect, store, manage and share scientific data about Australian ecosystems.

The EucFACE facility is unique in the southern hemisphere and provides unparalleled access for intensive study of canopy and soil processes and biodiversity. EucFACE was established in 2010 to understand how rising atmospheric CO2 concentration and CO2 fertilisation affects tree canopy processes and soil and ecosystem function in mature native woodland. Such woodlands have substantial ecohydrological variability.

EucFACE consists of six carbon-fibre rings, three that act as controls and three that release CO2 into 25m diameter circular plots. The six rings operate as replicates, with the three control rings identical except that they do not release additional CO2.

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150.72047,-33.6013 150.7633,-33.6013 150.7633,-33.62281 150.72047,-33.62281 150.72047,-33.6013


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