Dr. Helen Skouteris

Deakin University
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Brief description

Dr. Helen Skouteris is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at Deakin University. Helen Skouteris came to Deakin University in February 2008, when she was successfully appointed to a research only position in the School of Psychology, working on an NH&MRC Capacity Building Grant in the area of obesity prevention. She came from the School of Psychological Science, La Trobe University, where she was a member of academic staff and Co-Director of the Child Development Unit from 1995-2007. In March 2011, Helen was appointed as an Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology in the School of Psychology, Deakin University.

Dr. Skouteris' current research interests and projects include:
1) an early Intervention for mental health problems among children in middle Primary School: Comparisons, Openness, Peers and Esteem (COPE);
2) parental risk factors for obesity in preschoolers, including sedentary activities, such as media use, physical activity and dietary intake;
3) psychological distress across pregnancy and postpartum;
4) excessive gestational weight gain;
5) the causes and effects of depression pre and post birth in men;
6) moment-by-moment fluctuations in body dissatisfaction among adolescents and adults;
7) promoting obesity prevention and environmental sustainability in early childhood contexts;
8) association between early childhood caries and childhood obesity.
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Postal Address:
Deakin University, Locked Bag 20000, Geelong, Victoria, 3220, Australia