Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP160102126 [ 2016-01-01 - 2019-04-30 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Julius van der Werf (Chief Investigator) ,  Sang Hong Lee (Chief Investigator)

Brief description Estimating genotype-environment interaction using genomic information. This project aims to develop statistical methods that can explore genotype–environment interaction at the genomic level using genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms or sequence data. It plans to estimate how the effects of genetic variants change with changing environmental conditions and how overall genetic variance changes due to changing effects in specific gene regions. It plans to deliver statistical models and methods and an efficient algorithm implemented in software, which would broadly benefit the field of complex trait genetics. Methods to estimate genotype–environment interaction effects at the genomic level would help elucidate complex biological systems, including human genetic response to changing environmental factors and the potential adaptation of animals to changing environmental conditions.

Funding Amount $331,600

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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