Discovery Early Career Researcher Award - Grant ID: DE190100850 [ 2019 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Lisi Beyersmann

Brief description This project aims to study the development of morphological reading skills from kindergarten through to high school, providing insights into the full spectrum of abilities required to move from novice to expert reader. Over 80 per cent of English words comprise multiple morphemes, but how children learn to read such complex words is not well understood. Understanding this key reading process will have the potential to inform reading instruction practices from primary school through to high school. Expected outcomes are a richer understanding of the predictors, developmental time-course, and mechanisms involved in the acquisition of morphological processes in reading. This project has the potential to inform the effectiveness of explicit morphological teaching and intervention, to the benefit of Australia’s children.

Funding Amount $402,252

Funding Scheme Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

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