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The Department of Consumer Affairs was abolished and the Department of Fair Trading formally came into being on 18 October 1995. (1) Its establishment brought together all the services formerly provided by the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Building Services Corporation, the Office of Real Estate Services and the Registry of Co-operatives (2). The first full year of operation saw the following structure emerge
- Communication and Education
. Finance and management services
- Customer services
. Policy
. Strategic Projects
. Business Services
. Compliance, legal and safety
. Licensing and registrations services (3) The Fair Trading Legislation (Amendment) Act, 1997 (Act No 82, 1997) changed the references to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs in the principal act to Director - General and staff (of the Department of Fair Trading) (4) (was amended in 1997 Department seeks to promote an ethical and equitable trading environment for both consumers and business in NSW and to authorise the Director General to delegate powers under sundry acts administered by the Department . (5). The Act created a number of Advisory Committees including the Fair Trading Advisory Council, (6) , Motor Trade Advisory Council (7) , Property Services Advisory Council (12) and the Home Building Advisory Council (8) On 2 April 2003, the Department of Fair Trading was abolished and all of its branches were added to the newly established Department of Commerce.(9) Endnotes
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(9) NSW Government Gazette. Special Supplement 2 April 2003 p. 4329
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