Cross-Connections: Linking Urban Water Managers with Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Researchers

Provided by   Western Sydney University

Research Project

Full description

This research project identified key issues affecting collaboration between science; and humanities, arts and social sciences. These concerns include resource imbalance, generalised attitudes and difficulties translating social research findings into practical knowledge. It recommends stronger collaboration right from the outset of projects to jointly define project objectives, scope and processes, rather than seeking to engage with social sciences at specific points in a project's schedule. The research project involved numerous contributions and used surveys, workshops and interviews as means of gathering and analysing information. This report has been prepared for the National Water Commission by Dr Zoe Sofoulis, as part of the Commission's Fellowship program. The Fellowship Program was established to support implementation of the National Water Initiative by developing future leaders for Australia's water sector who can advance water-related knowledge and build industry capacity.

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