Australian Laureate Fellowships - Grant ID: FL150100146 [ 2015-12-31 - 2020-12-31 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof David Craik (Australian Laureate Fellowship)

Brief description Taking Australia from the farm to the pharm. Taking Australian from the farm to the pharm: This fellowship project aims to design novel drugs based on cyclic peptides that will be expressed in the seeds of plants to produce bio-pills — saving money for patients and the health care system. Plants produce unique cyclic peptides (mini-proteins) to protect themselves from pests and pathogens. This project aims to chemically redesign these peptides to produce stable protein-based pharmaceuticals that can be eaten. It is hoped that these designer pharmaceuticals will be inexpensive, effective, easy to ingest and without the side effects of traditional drugs. The outcomes of this project are anticipated to be high-value drugs and agri-chemicals which will open up new high-value crops for Australian farmers and a new Australian ‘pharming’ industry.

Funding Amount $2,977,310

Funding Scheme Australian Laureate Fellowships

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